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Clann Activities

Clann Activities


The Clann System is similar to a House system. On arrival in the College each student is assigned to one of the four Clanns and remains a member of that Clann throughout his or her stay. If a new student has a family member already attending the school, they will automatically join the same Clann.

The Clann system encourages a sense of belonging and strives to eliminate the anonymity associated with the larger group. It affords each student the opportunity to contribute positively to the life of the College. The positive behaviour and contribution of each student is accumulated both for the student and for his or her Clann.

The Clanns are named in Irish after Roman Catholic Saints and are assigned a colour for Clann events. The four Clanns are Clann Antoine, Clann Eanna, Clann Froinsias and Clann Phádraig.

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