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Letter to Parents/Guardians re: Study Skills/Support with Preparation for Leaving Certificate 2024


28th September 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian,

At this stage of the senior cycle programme 6th year students are well established with their individualised Senior Cycle Programme and should be fully aware of the challenges that will present themselves as they prepare, as diligently as they can, for the Leaving Certificate Examination period, scheduled for June 2024.

The school provides several support structures to assist your child with the demands associated with the education system as we know it and how to navigate successfully through to the end of the Senior Cycle Course. Achieving a set of results arising from the Leaving Certificate Examination that they can be proud of and reflect their ability. Along with dedicated time with the school Guidance Counsellor we will also be providing a 1:1 professional consultation with school Senior Management focusing on:

  • Academic progress
  • Study skills and routine
  • Broad ability in line with expectations
  • Targets and objectives in preparation for June 2024

These interviews will commence with any and all 6th year students and will begin this term, just before the mid-term break. Depending on numbers I would hope to be concluded this side of the Autumn term leaving plenty of time before the commencement of the Leaving Certificate examination period in early Summer, 2024. The consultation will last no more than one hour and will among other things, provide a professional focus for each student.

Clearly, an opportunity like this will be most successful if students are prepared to engage positively with their Leaving Certificate Programme, reflect on their learning journey so far and prioritise what objectives need to be put in place for a successful outcome. I have no doubt you will be having similar conversations at home. We simply want to support those conversations and reinforce with our young adults that it is their commitment, their dedication and their positive engagement that matters most.

Targets set, committed to, and agreed will be applicable for the duration of 6th Year. This is to emphasise the importance of these learning conversations.

I am extending an invitation to every 6th year student to meet with me personally so we can discuss future plans for the world outside of school and the demands associated with that change.

Interested 6th year students just need to contact me so we can agree a mutually convenient time and date to meet?

I anticipate you will support this initiative.

Yours sincerely,


Dermot Lavin


Gormanston, Co. Meath, Ireland, K32NH30
0353 184 12203
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