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Letter to parents re: end of first term news

End of first term news

Dear Parent / Guardian, 15th December 2023

We have almost reached the end of this first term. There have been so many positives to report for our school (probably too many to mention), however, I just want to say that I am immensely proud of our students and our school community. By and large our students dress well, arrive on time, are punctual to class, behave with respect and manners, complete their school and classwork to the best of their ability and are making best use of the opportunities available to them. They have represented the school on the field of play and off it and have conducted themselves impeccably.
To the staff, to the students, and to you as parents and to all the various stakeholders who contribute to all of our school activities and events and who contribute so positively to the many successes enjoyed by our school this year I just wish to say, thank you.
1st Term Exams and Report:
Your son/daughter’s academic report for the end of this first term is available on VS Ware from the end of term. If you have difficulty accessing it, please contact the school directly. Please take the time to go through this report with your child, particularly those in exam years. Subject teacher and Year Head comments are important to note also. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this report please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Year Head in the first instance.


Most students look really smart. Well done to them! However, there remains several students who persist in not adhering to the correct uniform. If, as parents you need to discuss a personal requirement please do so and we will do our best to assist you. Some parents have already contacted me directly and their circumstances have been resolved satisfactorily. When we return to school after the Christmas holidays, we will be focusing on those individual students who ignore the requirements with regard to our school uniform.

Please note students wearing a non-school jacket to school and placing it immediately in their school locker is acceptable. Although, we have a school jacket worn by most students, for some students, this is not being worn. I understand the challenge this creates for parents and appreciate the circumstances. We are working with the student council on the design of a new school jacket. The planning for this is still at an early stage and we will invite feedback and observation from yourselves when this we reach the next point in the process.

Importantly, the rest of the school uniform (either PE uniform or school uniform should be correct, and shoes should be predominately black and should be appropriate for school and for wearing in science laboratories, if this is needed.)

Students not in the correct uniform will be challenged from the beginning of next term and may be send home if unform is not correct.

Christmas Raffle:

Please see attached. Tickets remain on sale up to Wednesday 20th December at breaktime. Raffle will take place from 11am on Wednesday, 20th December. Great prizes on offer!

Christmas Jumper day:

Wednesday 20th December is our traditional Christmas jumper day. We will combine it with a bake sale and all proceeds will be going toward the Irish cancer society, our charity of choice this school year. We will collect a minimum of €2 euro from students on Wednesday morning.

Term ends at 12.20pm on Friday 22nd December 2023!

Student Attendance:

Regular attendance at school is important. The school monitors attendance and student punctuality during the school day and takes action if a cause for concern emerges. The school also has a statutory responsibility when it comes to attendance. Under the law, every child must attend school regularly up to sixteen years of age or complete at least three years education in a post primary school whichever comes later.

We want to encourage participation in education and in school for as long as possible. This should be a collaborative approach between us. If you have concerns about your child’s attendance or you would like to meet with us to discuss any challenges, you may be experiencing then please do get in contact. We want to help.

League Tables:

School league tables were published by the media this week. They provide a breakdown of where students from the Leaving Certificate class of 2023 enrolled in a higher education college. Although, it is only one indicator Gormanston performs very successfully in comparison to other post primary schools with 89% of our students in the Leaving Certificate class of 2023 enrolled in higher education. We celebrate the achievements of all our students, particularly those whose results may not grab a newspaper headline. Important to feel pride in this accomplishment but not to take it out of context. Education is about the enhancement of the whole person. Exam results and performance are only one indication. Of equal importance is that we do well by our students, and this is recognised.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to have a peaceful, restful and enjoyable Christmas break. Very best wishes for 2024.

Dermot Lavin
Franciscan College Gormanston

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