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      This year for the first time ever transition year students in Gormanston are participating in the Young Social Innovators (YSI) project. YSI believes that young people have a powerful and untapped force for change in their local communities. It promotes social education in Ireland.

We started of our YSI with Ms. Reilly and we spent 4 classes a week for roughly 5 weeks trying to come up with our topic. We discussed topics such as the elderly, house repossession, farm safety and animal cruelty. Then Ms. Cumiskey came in and helped us decide on animal cruelty.

Around 2 weeks ago we had a guest speaker from Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR). She explained to us all the different types of animals that they rescue and how they go about rescuing all these animals. She told us about a Kitten that was found in a car park down a hole and they rescued it.



We have split our class up into 5 teams for fund raising, research, art, writing and public relations. Our fund raising group is planning on doing a cake sale and abseil to raise money to for charities and our project work, we are also getting the pr group onto radio to raise awareness and promote animal cruelty.

This week we had a talk with DSPCA she told us about animal cruelty.






       Students of 4A2 in Transition Year - Freddie Tallon, Vicky Galvin and Max Hasenclever got the opportunity to promote their YSI project - Animal Awareness and prevention of cruelty to animals live on LMFM radio the 24th January at 12.15pm.

There was a mixture of nerves and excitement at the thoughts of going on live radio for the three students, who volunteered to complete this part of their YSI task. This is one of many actions which the class choose to complete. As Freddie said on radio "Animal-welfare is a topic that we all felt strongly about and particularly in our local community. Today animal cruelty is very evident in our society and shows no signs of stopping unless somebody does something about it. We as a class took a democratic vote with the majority of the class wanting to help this cause. Hopefully the actions we take can be a step towards putting a halt to animal cruelty in our area".

Another fact in deciding on the topic, which Vicky articulates nicely, was the fact that " The school is under the care of the Franciscan Order. St. Francis of Assisi provided an extra inspiration for our choden topic as he is the patron saint of animals.

A special word of thanks to Sinead Brassil the producer and Daire who interviewed us on the Mid-morning- The Daire Nelson Show.

In case you missed the radio interview and you would like to listen to the podcast follow the link below-